Cattle grazing on wide, open fields remind me of a bad time in my life. Because of what someone had deliberately done to me, I was hurting. I wanted to run away from the pain, but couldn’t.

But then, one day, I was driving past a huge, sun-drenched field of grass and cows, and I got the wildest urge to pull off the road, drive across the ditch, and stop by the fence. I thought about slipping under the barbed wire and running to the middle of the flat pasture. I wanted to sit in the grass, wrap my arms around my knees, and shut my eyes. All I needed was to stay there with only cows meandering around me—the sun on my back and head. The scene spoke of total peace—warmth, safety, comfort, and healing. I almost couldn’t push the urge away.

When I shared my crazy thoughts with a cousin, he reminded me of what I might sit on. Ha. But I didn’t care. Even now—though years have slipped by—if I pass that field, the thought still tugs at me. It doesn’t call out with the desperate pull it did back then, but the calmness still beckons.


Karen Campbell Prough


Copyright © Karen Campbell Prough 2017

2 Responses to THE FIELD

  • We all experience different ways of finding peace. God gives us many blessings and ways to enjoy His peace. 🙂

    • Yes, Melissa, that is true! I think I replied to this in a different area, but that’s okay! The cow in the picture, stood and stared for a couple minutes and then whirled and took off running, like I was going to do her some harm! Ha. It was funny to see. I guess she wasn’t use to strangers stopping to talk to her and take pictures! Or the cows down the road had warned her about a crazy human stalking the cow pastures. 🙂 Even a turkey took off running across the field … away from me.

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