Sometimes danger hides in how we, as mere humans, handle situations without God’s help. Many things are better left untouched, because when we proceed without seeking wisdom, pain and distress can be the result. People suffer all their lives from unwise choices and jumping in where they shouldn’t be. They reach and mess with things best left alone. Beautiful framing can hide a lethal bit of poison.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there can be a different set of problems. Life has risks but refusing to step beyond our enclosed world will limit the wonders that God set in place for humanity to experience and share. There are things in this world that scare people and turn out to be harmless. We can compare it to the fact that some unfamiliar creatures of nature might appear disgusting but can transform into a token of wonder and beauty.

So how does this reflect God’s love, when it comes to reaching out to others—perhaps those that aren’t so lovable or approachable? It can be scary. We need wisdom.

Wisdom and the request for God’s guidance can keep us on the right path. Not all the hurts in people’s lives will be erased. But that should not make us withdraw from contact with this world. Should we prevent rejection by keeping to ourselves and hiding God’s plan for man? No. As a human being and God’s child, we cannot foresee what a changed life may look like by our willingness to touch someone’s life in a good way. A beautiful thing may develop.

The plan of salvation is a second step. First, we must make contact. One action or word of comfort, in the name of Jesus, can promote a change in those around us. It will let them see that God’s salvation can be inviting, not scary or unobtainable for them. Our acceptance of others lets them see the possibility of them being accepted by God.

And so, we must step up to help those around us. But perhaps some of us need help today—a bit of reassurance—or words of encouragement and wisdom when we think about this subject. It can be frightening to reach out to others in this day and time. This world is splintering and fraying along the seams of human life. One scripture comes to mind: “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not, and it shall be given him.” James 1:5 KJV

Another translation says, “If you need wisdom—if you want to know what God wants you to do … ask him, and he will gladly tell you. He will not resent your asking.” James 1:5 NLT

Ask for God’s guidance at the beginning of each day.

Helping others is what God wants us to do—so that part shouldn’t have to be hashed over in our minds. For most of us—it’s the need for wisdom in what we say. But prayer, ahead of time, gives us strength. And remember, actions speak louder than words. Quickly responding to someone needing a helping hand doesn’t have to be proceeded by a thought-out prayer. Being aware of God’s nudging at the time is what fulfills our responsibility.

By asking for wisdom from God, it is easier to reach out and help others—no matter what they look like, what their circumstances, or how frightened we might feel at that moment. Remember to use wisdom but be willing to step out. God gave us the gift of wisdom, and we should be careful where we tread and how we present ourselves to others, but we should never neglect to be God’s example of a changed life.

So, take God’s love with you. Be a flame flickering in a world that doesn’t understand kindness.

Thank you for reading this post. Please scroll down and leave your comment. Your thoughts are appreciated. What have you done for God lately? How have you shown love to someone? Every little bit helps in today’s world. Pictures of the scorpion (not a poison one) was taken at a barn in Bell, Florida. I captured it off a wall, by placing a green-tinted drinking glass over it. And then I took pictures. I thought it was a neat results. Did you see what was on the back of the scorpion? Pictures of caterpillars and butterflies were taken of butterflies to show my grandchildren how they hatch.



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5 Responses to DANGER AROUND US

  • Karen, the phrase, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” comes to mind.
    Sometimes we “miss out” on helping others or getting to know an
    individual because of our pre-judgement. One of my favorite stories
    in the Bible is the meeting between Jesus & the woman at the well.
    This should be a testimony/ witness/ example of looking at inside of
    a person; being more concerned for their soul, than just the outward
    appearance. I think we should not only look to God’s wisdom, as
    you said, but also to give us discernment in helping us make wise
    decisions, choices, and actions. Love the pics. You are such a good
    grandma for showing & teaching your grandchildren all about God’s
    amazing creations……including us. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing this, Karen.

    This is a great reminder for co-dependents like me! 🙂 I especially loved this line: “People suffer all their lives from unwise choices and jumping in where they shouldn’t be.” I’m learning not to jump in and fix things for others. It may be that I’m hindering the learning and convicting process of God by being their rescuer. That’s dangerous–for them and for me.


    • Daphne, thanks for stopping by and reading “Danger Around Us”. Did you see the babies on the scorpion’s back? I was shocked when I realized they were there. I didn’t see them when I took the picture.

  • Thanks for this writing, Karen. I pray often for wisdom because I don’t always trust my own inclinations. It’s easier now for me to wait on God’s answers rather than rushing in with Jenny’s assumptions.

    I encourage others because I believe life is all about OTHERS. My purpose is to make a difference. I’m elated when it involves kingdom work.

    I write out prayers for people who are struggling because it teaches them the power of prayer and how natural it is to talk to God about every aspect of our concerns. I invite them to track the results of their prayers to see how God works. I think praying for someone is the most powerful thing you can do for them.

    Your photography is absolutely fascinating!

    • Jenny, you are always so sweet to people and I believe your wisdom is respected. I would like to contact you sometime when I know someone is hurting and have you write them a prayer. That’s a great ministry. Thank you for reading my blog. I like showing the grandchildren things in nature and I’m planting milk weed plants to attract the Monarch and passion vine for the Zebra butterfly. Last year my back yard was alive with Zebra butterflies, so was my mother’s. The passion vine has died back right now, but will come back on. The scorpion was one I captured up at my parent’s barn. I took a picture of it and never noticed that it was carrying babies!!! Thanks, again.

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