Have I told you about him? No? Well, it’s about time ….

It seems like he’s always been in my life. I can’t imagine life without him. Oh yes, my life would be calmer, my weekdays a little quieter, and I’d get something accomplished—instead of wanting to be with him, hug, and kiss him.

One look from him can melt my heart. My will to stay strong wilts when he grabs my hand. I try to type, endeavor to write stories, but he interrupts me. He pleads and makes silly demands. I leave my work and do his bidding. Yes, I know … I should be strong and not give in.

His eyes are sky blue—such a bright blue. Women turn to smile at him in stores and restaurants. I should be jealous because of the charming looks he gives them. It stops them in their tracks when he returns their smiles. I can tell they want to reach out to him. And some do reach for him! But that’s when he leans toward me, reaches for me, and they have no doubt he cares for me. He won’t let them come between us.

Today we went out to eat and it didn’t matter that he stared at every woman that walked by. He literally turned around in his chair to see what was going on behind him.

He also dropped his spoon, pushed his cup off the table, and demanded a drink of my coke. Would you believe he spit a mushroom on the table because he didn’t like it? He wrote on the tabletop with a crayon and grabbed a straw out of my glass.

He wouldn’t eat all his food but wanted his toy truck from the diaper bag. He laughed and smiled at all the other people in the restaurant, creating quite a scene.

Yes, I’m a proud grandma.

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