How many times have you asked yourself, “What do I do now? What job do I accept? Who do I ask for advise? What way do I want to go with my line of work? What path do I follow?

Humans have been asking this question since the beginning of time. The only difference might be the fact we aren’t all walking cool grassy lanes  or dirt paths outside in the woods and open land. Maybe, people don’t always ask the question out loud, but it will enter their minds many times down through their lives. What path?

Sometimes, it’s easy to decide which path we want, or it could be … a path is forced on us. But there are those times when we want help deciding the right path. We want to avoid frightening paths and detours.

We all walk many paths in life. Some are short, or we might end up turning off on another path appearing before us–such as a new line of work. There are job changes, situations within our families, and many times … health issues pushing us down paths we don’t want to walk.

We might willingly follow a path dictated by someone else, or we might choose to walk a path just to satisfy another person. Nothing is wrong with that. And there are those times when we accompany someone, because we realize they need companionship.

But … how often do we make our own path and leave our own footprints? Does it matter?

When I was growing up, I had one set of grandparents who wanted to select the best path for me. And I will admit, I balked at their attempts. The other grandparents were just the opposite. They would not have dreamed of forcing me to take a path I was not comfortable walking, but they warned me to be careful. And I suppose my parents were just plain reluctant to see me hike off on any path they had not walked. That is understandable.

But sometimes, as the years pass by, we begin to realize one special thing. Walking your own path may not be a bad thing, if God walks beside us. If all is good, between God and us, He can straighten out the crooked trails and smooth the rough ones. Along many paths, we might see blessings and realize we never want to change things.

While following what we believe God wants for us, we can feel good about our footprints.

Remember, as a child, how you walked in damp dirt or sand and looked behind you to see your own footprints? Remember the happiness you felt then? How you giggled and ran to make more prints? It was fun to make your mark on the smooth sand of a damp beach. The prints said you had been there. You were important. You had left your mark on something big!

We need to finalize our days on earth with that same feeling of accomplishment. We need to make our own footprints, but not just spend time gazing back at them. We need to look ahead, avoid dangerous forks in the path, but let ourselves feel good about the footprints we can leave on the straight path toward God and Heaven.



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