Autumn brings our attention back to the seasons of the year. Yes, spring has its freshness and breathtaking flowers. Summer belongs to the child in us and coaxes us with a persistent call to have fun. Winter can bring the season of coziness and thoughts of warm fireplaces, but autumn brings wonderful relief from the heat of summer and throws color back into our world.

Autumn decorates nature with enriched shades of scarlet, gold, and yellow. It conveys freshness and the replenishment of spirit. Strength is renewed and the winter doesn’t look so intimidating. The coolness in the air brings a bounce to the step and supplies the innate urge to explore and seek out changes in nature. Autumn’s harvest beckons us to store up good things for the winter months to come, so we can make it through the tough times without losing our stride. Without autumn painting a colorful change along the horizon, we would leave the warmth and sunlight of summer, and step into the harsh reality of winter’s bleak canvas.

Can we compare autumn to one-fourth of our life? When moving beyond the middle years of life, a person needs renewal, a refilling of inner peace, and a promised blush of happiness. We must all face the winter, but autumn’s stage can throw back the curtains and reveal the superior rewards waiting for us. We can step out and enjoy the harvest with God’s blessing.

Where are you in your life? Have you realized that God cares about what colors your life? Perhaps, you’ve been living the spring and summer of life—living it the way you see fit. Life doesn’t last forever. Accepting God’s wash of color before life ends means seeing what he can do in your life. His presence adds depth to everything we can accomplish. God prepares renewal. His forgiveness can brush light into corners of our hearts that have been filled with darkness.

“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” Ecclesiastes 12:13 KJV

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Pictures taken in upper Michigan, the Smokies, Grayson Highlands in Virginia, Colorado, and central Florida. Can you tell which picture goes with which state? My daughter is in one of the pictures. She was doing homework at the picnic table.






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  • I love fall, Karen–or as I like to call it: Autumn. 😉 October is my favorite month.

    I don’t know what makes it so appealing to me–just the balance between summer and winter, I suppose. Maybe it’s that life is starting to settle down but still is full of some pep that invigorates us. I certainly like to see the changes in nature, especially after living in Tennessee for eight years. Boy, I miss the mountains.

    It’s good to think of what season we are in our lives and see if we’ve entered into winter when we should still be in autumn, spring, or even summer.

    Thanks for sharing.


    P.S. – I too thought that was you at the table. 🙂

    • I guess I like October, but the winter gets to me. I like warm weather. When it gets cold all I want to do is hibernate!!! Ha. I freeze too easy. Last year wasn’t too bad, though.

      Thanks for reading my post. I think too many people slide on into the “winter” of their lives when there is so much left to do while even in the “autumn” of life.

      God bless!

  • I love it when articles make me reflect! I had not thought of life in this way before. Well done, Karen.

    • Thank you, Cynthia! Hope all is going good for you. How’s the book coming? I’m still waiting on a reply back from a publishing house. Hurry up and wait. 🙂 Doing some editing this morning.


  • Can’t wait till the weather gets a little cooler, and leaves start to change before falling. Definitely looking at camping next year (even if I have to go alone; but I
    might see if the boys want to “tag” along). I am looking at doing something crazy
    by next Feb (2014, not 2013)….will let you know when the time comes….not sure
    just yet.Thanks again for the picks….makes me want to head to the mountains
    tomorrow. By the way, I loved your Bear Camp Cabins sunset pic on FB. It was
    simply gorgeous! Have a great evening.

  • No, that was her. My hair was shorter at that time. But the picture could fool people! 🙂 It was quite cold, but she sat down and did her school work. The only place to get warm was to go to the shower house. It had a huge fan that blew hot air across the room. Ohhhh, so nice! Especially since one night got down to 28. Grayson Highlands has its own weather.

  • Yep….I agree. Hmmm, thought that was you sitting at that table; WOW,
    what a stricking resemblance! Have a wonderful time on vacation. Talk
    when you get back.

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