A New Book-Within the Candle’s Glow

Sometimes the way isn't clear. The trust level drops.









I believe we’ve all had friends who became strangers.

We stop confiding in them, because the trust level is no longer there.

And many times we don’t ask God for protection or for healing within a relationship. We feel as if things are no longer clear.

We begin to feel alone, heading for danger, with no one scrambling to help us.

But suddenly we sense someone does cares. They will be there for us.

Hope and love begin to feel like the glow of a candle.



~Karen Campbell Prough

Copyright © Karen Campbell Prough 2016

Why Don’t They Know?

A Horse with spots 1

Those who want peace are people who know how wonderful it is.

Those who want terror and destruction will never understand peace, because generations have buried it under deep layers of hatred.

Have you ever walked out into a big sunlit field at the beginning of summer?

If the field is large enough, surrounded by a stand of trees,  and left in a cover of thick grass, you won’t hear a nearby highway.

No traffic blurs the whisper of a light breeze or the buzz of insects. The sound of a meadow lark is music, and the call of a bobwhite is comfort. The sun lays a warm arm over your shoulders and touches your head. The movement of horses entering the field by a side gate is muted, as if they walk with silent steps. Their heads bend to the tender shoots of new grass. You can even add the laughter of children entering the field by a side gate.

Within this scenario are no notes of terror or destruction.

You know what would signify peace to you and others close to you. Add the scenes in your head. What is peace to you? Is it peace within?

But what if you have been raised with no peace or desire for peace? What if your family has no understanding of peace? What if the faces around you have no expression of peace? Then there is no true happiness.

The Bible tells us to walk in peace with all men. We can keep peace within our hearts and reach out to those in need of comfort. Peace can be wonderful … if only the world knew that.


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What are ways to encourage someone? What words have the same meaning as courage? Who has encouraged you the most?

Sadness puts a damper on courage, so how do we throw splashes of light into the dark paths others are made to travel?

What uncertainty have you faced lately? Was it job related? Family related? Health issues? The lack of funds for the extras in life?

What are the patterns in life that seem to come about because of things people do?

Why do some people seem to become a wanderer through life, drifting and never settling into a straight course?



Resurrection of Hope


There is a plant called the Resurrection Fern.

When summer’From Nikon, 6-25-15, flowers, etc 098s heat burns and rain falls short, the fern fights to live.

With each passing hour, the leaves darken and curl up.

The plant seems doomed, with life fading.

No one notices or seems to care.

All beauty is gone.


And then drops of rain wash the crunchy foliage.

Relief is fueled and welcomed . . . as full life returns.

Leaves unfurl, drinking in the moisture and promise.

Dull gray patterns of dried out branches flush green.

All elements for a future are restored.

Water fills the void.


Sometimes life batters us, drying up our spirit and fortitude.

The blessings seem to fall short as life sweeps around us.

We long to curl up and retreat from the world.

We become colorless people.

We radiate no hint of life.

Things will never be the same.


And then one drop of concern from a friend makes a difference.

We feel a healing river–accompanied by the touch of a hand.

God’s arm is still curled around us, causing doubt to retreat.

We take a breath and in hope, raise our heads.

His strength helps us welcome life.

Things will change for the better.



Copyright © Karen Campbell Prough 2016



A Drink 1

Any type of pain can make its presence known, and it will demand attention. It will fight attempts to silence or eliminate it. Emotional pain will “sneak in the back door” or wait for the darkest spot in your life. Pain seems to gain strength when life beckons. It blows up, pitches a tantrum, and cries for a front row seat. It does not slink off somewhere and pout.

What we need is comfort and the means to find what works for us. But how can we reject the types of comfort others suggest?

We must give ourselves permission to say, “That doesn’t work for me.”

Emotional, mental, or physical pain can keep you wide-awake, dreading the fast pitch coming your way. And most of the time you will not see the projectile, until it knocks you to your knees, breaks your heart, or makes your body tremble.


Fighting back is permissible! But how should you attempt such a task, when comfort is what you seek? Not everyone’s method of dealing with chronic or even temporary pain is the same. Always try to remember that.

Allow yourself the right to find what comforts you.

  • Perhaps, it is the act of running away, taking a quiet walk, or seeking what nature has to provide.
  • Does fervent prayer and Bible reading take the edge off your pain?
  • Can comfort mean retreating from the demands of a stressful relationship and letting your mind and body relax?
  • Is comfort the act of seeking friends willing to listen and gently suggest avenues, with which you might discover a treatment?
  • Maybe shutting out the world and curling up in bed for the day helps you and is the best thing to do.
  • Or can a person combine more than one tactic to get through a bout with  pain?

Not everyone responds the same to basic ways of comfort. Some people need permission to walk their own path to healing or calmness. So, try what soothes you and do it in your time frame. Ignore the ones who say, “You should be over this by now.”

Proverbs 3:6 holds a tiny clue to life and perhaps, to comfort. “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

Thy paths? Could that verse also include walking a path toward comfort?

Psalms 22:24 tells us God hears our cries. And think about it . . . he knows how different we all are from our neighbor or family members. Not everyone fits in the same mold.

After we have passed through a time of pain and stress, mental or physical, the Lord gives us the ability to comfort others who are hurting or in trouble. So, we shouldn’t lump everyone together and put a tag on them, declaring, “Thou must be healed by now”. We can talk about what helped us the most and offer it, or encourage someone to consider other methods.

In today’s society, pain medicine seems to be the only way to cope with physical pain, emotional trauma, mental anguish, or general fatigue. Down the pills and keep up the pace! We don’t give ourselves the right to pull away from society’s “treadmill of treatment”.

Comfort buffers the pain. So, what is comfort to you?

  • Is it a long talk with a true friend?
  • Is it a day on the lake with only the sky, the boat, and a fishing pole?
  • Is it a quiet day curled up in a darkened room, relaxing, and letting the world fight its own battles for an hour or more?
  • Is it a brisk walk down a wooded path, just you and the fuzzy dog?
  • Is it a time of talking to someone who has experienced the same pain?

Ask God to guide your search and provide the special touches you need.

“Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation (affliction), that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.” 2 Corinthians 1:3-4   KJV

Wow! Sure is a lot of “comfort” in those verses? Go, receive, and do likewise!

Thank you for reading!



Copyright © Karen Campbell Prough 2015



A Sunset Verse 1When my husband and I left Home Depot, I could not resist the urge to take pictures of the beautiful sunset. It was superb, fast changing, and eye-catching. We do live on a wonderful planet–a terrific round world God planned for man.

Think about it. God placed the first man and woman in a wonderful garden. And from that sinless setting, Adam and Eve watched as the evening sky burst into intense colors, probably more tremendous than we have ever seen. For a segment of time, the earth was perfect. In the cool of the evening, the first humans walked with God, faultless and flawless.

Deep within each human there lingers a desire to be near God–to experience the perfection of a complete “oneness” with our creator. But sin cut a gaping hole in the very depths of our human existence. We are not perfect, although we may try to pretend we are without blemish. Got knows the stain of sin that lies within us. But He loves us. He sent his Son as a sacrifice because of our bent toward sinning. And even with all the sin in the world, God continues to show us the canvas of life, splashed with pictures of promise. The beauty of a sunset is something we cannot ignore.

But how many people will stare at a wondrous sunset, but never welcome the artist–the Creator of the world?

~Karen Campbell Prough


© Karen Campbell Prough 2015

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Hold onWhat holds this vine off the ground? Shall we say a piece of insignificance does the job? A slender tendril. But remember … this tendril wraps itself around a wire and keeps the vine in place. It does the job, because God created it with the ability to hold on, while other plants bow to the ground during a storm.

Insignificant. That is a drawn out word, which means something inferior, unimportant, or worthless. Say the word out loud. It does take a little effort, and you might unconsciously wrinkle your nose as you repeat it. Try saying it a few times. Do you know that if you refer to someone as insignificant, you are in reality saying he or she is a nonentity? That means they are a nobody. Zilch, not worth anything. So, in your opinion, they don’t exist?

But what if you are the one who feels insignificant? That feeling hurts. It keeps us bound, shoved into a corner where we think protection is waiting. But is it?

Think about this … corners are usually dark, don’t conform to our shape, and there might be spiders. You can also feel “hemmed in” if someone approaches your corner. It’s a trap.

The feeling of insignificance can trap us. While we’re stuck there, we cannot interact with others, so our sense of unimportance grows. Somehow, we have to find the courage to jab our elbows into the sides of our corner and propel ourselves out into mainstream of life. Yes, that it is easier to say than accomplish. But along with courage, we can rely on God’s words of comfort and release.

God gave you life. Why would he waste it on you? Actually, He wouldn’t. He didn’t. You are worth something, and what you have to say or write—is extremely important. No one else will ever speak or create things quite as you can. Remember that. Cherish the thought. What other people think is worthless when faced with God’s opinion. He created them, but God also created you … to be who you are.

“O Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! Who hast set thy glory above the heavens. Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightiest still the enemy and the avenger.” Psalm 8:1-2 KJV

Wow! God created the universe. He placed the stars, moon, and sun in the heavens. And He gave the ability to us to speak forth words of wisdom and to help silence those who are against God’s word.

We have to think on that and remember it. By shrugging away the feeling of insignificance, we can help silence the rants of those who are against the true, living God and His Word.

Thank you for reading.

~Karen Campbell Prough


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Karen+Prough's+Cover+ImageTHE GIRL CALLED ELLA DESSA

Ella Dessa’s story became a reality! It is published!

Yes, her struggles came from my imagination, but I believe there are emotions woven throughout the pages–facets of life that might touch many readers.

Her story begins during a period of time in Georgia when the lure of gold pulled men into the mountains and caused them to leave their families behind.

Ella Dessa suffers loss in her own life, but brings hope to another family in Beckler’s Cove.

With the printing of this book, her path to acceptance will be a journey you can follow. Perhaps, you will long to search and find the faint rocky trails her feet traveled along–from a narrow, curved valley to a lonely log cabin.  ~Karen

Book can be ordered at: Amazon.comhttp://www.amazon.com/Girl-Called-Ella-Dessa/dp/1941103855














What about God’s timing in my life? How do I receive the “go-ahead” Will I experience regret?

Is it okay to take that giant step? I’ve prayed, but I heard no small soft voice. Speak louder!

Something large may hit me—something more than I can handle. Where are you?

Help me Lord, I’m getting to my feet. My legs keep shaking. My heart quivers. 

It’s dangerous to walk where danger roars by without regard for Your Word.



A fox by road 2Can I trust the cleared path? There is silence. Lord, are you there?

Safety is within sight. I’m taking a breath. I’m running and running!

Wings beneath my feet! You are with me.


“For our heart shall rejoice in him, because we have trusted in his holy name.” Psalm 33:21 KJV



~Karen Campbell Prough


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