What is the definition of patience?

Well, patience could be the ability to keep calm, wait, or endure the passing of time. Patience is fortitude, but in most cases, it is more endurable if a person keeps busy doing others things—because perseverance is a part of patience.

Whoa! That takes some thought. Perseverance is connected to patience?

When I think of perseverance, I have this mental image of a tired person trudging through thigh-high snowdrifts, trying to make it to the blurry outline of a log cabin that has a faint lamp shining in a small window. So is that associated with patience?

You could curl up under a tree, out of the blizzard, shut your eyes, and wait out the snowstorm. But the trouble is—you might freeze while you submit to your circumstances. On the other hand, hiking toward the goal keeps your blood pumping, fights back at the conditions you can’t control, keeps your mind active, and gets you closer to the warm, well-lit cabin.

I believe perseverance is an active part of patience when undertaking a specific assignment, project, or mission.

I have to compare this element of patience to writing and becoming a published author. Perseverance has to be part of quiet patience when you keep writing, wait for responses, and long to get your words and stories out to others in the world.

I need to preach to myself about this factor. It’s too easy to throw up my hands and say, “Why am I doing this? I’m being foolish to think I can write a book that others will want to read. I’m tired of waiting for responses to queries. I quit.”

No, I have to persevere. I need to be actively patient. Yep, sounds a little strange to say it that way. But I’m talking to myself today, preaching to myself, and telling myself to ignore the doubts. God gave me the crazy urge—yes, I said crazy—to write, create imaginary people with life-like circumstances, and perhaps, touch someone else’s heart and life.

So, have patience! And to those of you who have the passion to write, I must say, persevere and go forth with pen in hand or fingers tapping out words to be read by others.

How do you plan to reach your goals in life? How do you persevere? Please, scroll down and leave your comments about patience.

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