How many of you have sat and listened to a preacher or motivational speaker list the gifts of the Spirit and then add fourteen or more other gifts attributed to humankind. They say some of us have only one gift. Failing to discern your gifts seems unforgivable! You listen attentively as you hear the speaker read the extensive list of gifts.

Maybe, I am different from the rest of you. I could never put a finger on my one, special gift. It made me uncomfortable to listen to the preacher talk about it, because I could not smile and say, that is my gift. I have the gift of ….

And then you sit and think—what am I to do? How do I use something I am not sure I really have? Does that make sense?

I once walked up to an evangelist after he preached a whole sermon on gifts, talents, and how to identify them … so we could appropriately use them. I asked him, “Can the ability to do little bits of lots of things be a gift? You know the saying … jack of all trades, a master of none?” He stared at me as if I was kidding, and my husband ran and hid. Then the evangelist cleared his throat and said in a very deep voice, “Well … yes, I believe so.” I guessed, from his reaction, that no one had ever ventured to ask him that profound question.

But I bet there are many people just like me, even though my husband keeps shaking his head and saying I am one of a kind.

Could your gift or talent be a big bundle of smidgens? A smidgen is a very small amount of something. But squish a bunch of smidgens together, pack them very tight, bundle the whole lot up where you can find them, and you just might have a talent.

            Go use your talents or bundle of smidgens for the Lord !  🙂 Please, scroll down and leave a comment.





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