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More than likely, we have all heard someone tell us to stop wallowing in self-pity and keep going—no matter what. They urge us to walk forward in life and not falter.


In other words, take to the road and trudge in the right direction!



Ugh! That can be a lonely path.

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It may involve hiking around vast complications. Let’s admit it. Life has a bad habit of tossing unwanted stuff in front of us. Hopefully, during trials, we learn to grab the good, cherish it, and skirt around the avoidable bad occurrences.



A Father Son Walk 1


But while dealing with adversities, we also add to our bundle of knowledge and skills, gain confidence, and eventually see the top of the mountain. And along with many prayers, trials, and errors, we can achieve the ability to process our past and see where complications drove us forward or changed our course. And we might be able to figure out how to improve our future steps.






But what is another result of nurturing that determination to keep climbing—instead of wallowing in self-pity?A Father Son Walk 2


Learning to persevere provides us with the skill to reach out to others and urge them forward. What a huge gift from God!

How many timA Father Son Walk 3es do we ignore it?

Nobody has all the answers for every situation, but you might have the right response for people placed in front of you—those who need your encouraging words and gentle understanding, in order to handle the trials of their lives.

We cannot ignore this gift. Let us smile and give our know-how to others.

“My soul followeth hard after thee: thy right hand upholdeth me.” Psalm 63:8 KJV



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