A beautiful lake. It is a serene picture and photo worthy. Who wouldn’t want to wade out and enjoy a peaceful swim–a time to just float on your back and let the sun warm your face.

A lake at Circle B 1

Sometimes life is that way–beautiful and worth of every activity we can cram into it. We dive into situations and don’t pay attention to the things that might hurt us or harm our loved ones. We don’t pray for protection. We just keep swimming out beyond the shallow, reflective pools. We believe in ourselves and our abilities to handle any situation.


But wait. The picture must be examined and studied. The seemingly innocent bumpy line in the photo isn’t just a dead branch floating on top of the water. It’s a large alligator. Danger lurks. A lake at Circle B 1








As we travel through life, things can turn ugly, and we immediately need help. Perhaps, we’ve gotten too close to a bad situation and back-paddling isn’t going to work.

There is a verse we can rely on. “In the day of my trouble I will call upon thee: for thou wilt answer me.” Psalms 86:7   KJV


Thank you for stopping by and reading my latest blog post. God bless. Please scroll down and leave a comment. The alligator that my grandson and I spotted last week was huge, but he was a good ways from shore. Other people stopped to stare at him. He doesn’t show up in the photo, but he was impressive!


© Karen Campbell Prough 2013Gator 1





10 Responses to IN THE DAY OF MY TROUBLE

  • Karen, Love the Scripture reference and connection to real life troubles…so many times unseen to the human eye <3

  • Good analogy, Karen. This reminds me of a time when I was on Rainbow River. I was in a tube too big for me and it was hard for me to maneuver. My arms didn’t exactly reach the water on either side. Before I knew it, I was a few feet from an alligator! One of my friends had to extend his leg to pull me away. It was a momentary scare for me–as I’m fascinated by them–but I knew someone was there to help me. Thank goodness my ice-cold death stare stopped another friend from panicking in the water. 😉 Everything turned out fine.

    If I had been by myself, it probably would have ended a different way. I’m glad God sends friends along to help us get out of trouble when we’ve floated into it.

    Thanks for sharing.


    P.S. – Hey, maybe I should write a post about that incident. 😉

    • Daphne that sounds like a great blog! Get it written and let me know when you post it. I’ve floated down Rainbow River twice…on a tube…as an adult with the teen group from church. The first time, it was chilly and I even wore a shirt and shorts over my bathing suit. We saw gators crossing the river behind us, but no incidents. The second time we were in an area where the grass was tall…one of our teens was snorkeling. We kept telling him to get on a raft. What happened was funny but could have been bad. All of a sudden a male alligator started that loud throaty call. The teen was in shallow water with his snorkel. He abruptly stood to his feet and stared at all of us high on rafts and tubes, legs and arms drawn up out of the warm water! In about two seconds flat he made it to the closest one and climbed aboard….didn’t get off the rest of the trip. And we all got sunburned that trip! 🙂 Now that I’ve rattled on…I will say, again–Daphne, write that blog! Thanks for leaving a comment!

  • Hi Karen. Great post. It made me think about sin, and how it looks so appealing, but is the way unto death.

    Where is the lake? Florida?

    • Hey, Tom. Yes, it is a Florida lake … connected with a park, Circle B, where we like to hike trails and take pictures of birds, wild pigs, alligators, and turtles!
      The grandkids enjoy it, but the other day it made us a bit anxious. There were too many baby alligators and the big gators might be hanging close by. Won’t do that again. One trail was closed off to any human traffic–they have to do that every year. 🙂 Yes, sin can be very appealing, but it should make us anxious and willing to run away! Thanks for stopping in to leave a note.

  • What a good reminder, Karen, that we need God’s perspective on everyplace we go, and all we do, think, and say.

  • What a perfect analogy. God sees things we don’t. Impressive gator!

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