Resurrection of Hope


There is a plant called the Resurrection Fern.

When summer’From Nikon, 6-25-15, flowers, etc 098s heat burns and rain falls short, the fern fights to live.

With each passing hour, the leaves darken and curl up.

The plant seems doomed, with life fading.

No one notices or seems to care.

All beauty is gone.


And then drops of rain wash the crunchy foliage.

Relief is fueled and welcomed . . . as full life returns.

Leaves unfurl, drinking in the moisture and promise.

Dull gray patterns of dried out branches flush green.

All elements for a future are restored.

Water fills the void.


Sometimes life batters us, drying up our spirit and fortitude.

The blessings seem to fall short as life sweeps around us.

We long to curl up and retreat from the world.

We become colorless people.

We radiate no hint of life.

Things will never be the same.


And then one drop of concern from a friend makes a difference.

We feel a healing river–accompanied by the touch of a hand.

God’s arm is still curled around us, causing doubt to retreat.

We take a breath and in hope, raise our heads.

His strength helps us welcome life.

Things will change for the better.



Copyright © Karen Campbell Prough 2016


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