Cattle grazing on wide, open fields remind me of a bad time in my life. Because of what someone had deliberately done to me, I was hurting. I wanted to run away from the pain, but couldn’t.

But then, one day, I was driving past a huge, sun-drenched field of grass and cows, and I got the wildest urge to pull off the road, drive across the ditch, and stop by the fence. I thought about slipping under the barbed wire and running to the middle of the flat pasture. I wanted to sit in the grass, wrap my arms around my knees, and shut my eyes. All I needed was to stay there with only cows meandering around me—the sun on my back and head. The scene spoke of total peace—warmth, safety, comfort, and healing. I almost couldn’t push the urge away.

When I shared my crazy thoughts with a cousin, he reminded me of what I might sit on. Ha. But I didn’t care. Even now—though years have slipped by—if I pass that field, the thought still tugs at me. It doesn’t call out with the desperate pull it did back then, but the calmness still beckons.


Karen Campbell Prough


Copyright © Karen Campbell Prough 2017

Why Don’t They Know?

A Horse with spots 1

Those who want peace are people who know how wonderful it is.

Those who want terror and destruction will never understand peace, because generations have buried it under deep layers of hatred.

Have you ever walked out into a big sunlit field at the beginning of summer?

If the field is large enough, surrounded by a stand of trees,  and left in a cover of thick grass, you won’t hear a nearby highway.

No traffic blurs the whisper of a light breeze or the buzz of insects. The sound of a meadow lark is music, and the call of a bobwhite is comfort. The sun lays a warm arm over your shoulders and touches your head. The movement of horses entering the field by a side gate is muted, as if they walk with silent steps. Their heads bend to the tender shoots of new grass. You can even add the laughter of children entering the field by a side gate.

Within this scenario are no notes of terror or destruction.

You know what would signify peace to you and others close to you. Add the scenes in your head. What is peace to you? Is it peace within?

But what if you have been raised with no peace or desire for peace? What if your family has no understanding of peace? What if the faces around you have no expression of peace? Then there is no true happiness.

The Bible tells us to walk in peace with all men. We can keep peace within our hearts and reach out to those in need of comfort. Peace can be wonderful … if only the world knew that.


Copyright © Karen Campbell Prough 2016


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