A Sunset Verse 1When my husband and I left Home Depot, I could not resist the urge to take pictures of the beautiful sunset. It was superb, fast changing, and eye-catching. We do live on a wonderful planet–a terrific round world God planned for man.

Think about it. God placed the first man and woman in a wonderful garden. And from that sinless setting, Adam and Eve watched as the evening sky burst into intense colors, probably more tremendous than we have ever seen. For a segment of time, the earth was perfect. In the cool of the evening, the first humans walked with God, faultless and flawless.

Deep within each human there lingers a desire to be near God–to experience the perfection of a complete “oneness” with our creator. But sin cut a gaping hole in the very depths of our human existence. We are not perfect, although we may try to pretend we are without blemish. Got knows the stain of sin that lies within us. But He loves us. He sent his Son as a sacrifice because of our bent toward sinning. And even with all the sin in the world, God continues to show us the canvas of life, splashed with pictures of promise. The beauty of a sunset is something we cannot ignore.

But how many people will stare at a wondrous sunset, but never welcome the artist–the Creator of the world?

~Karen Campbell Prough


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Autumn brings our attention back to the seasons of the year. Yes, spring has its freshness and breathtaking flowers. Summer belongs to the child in us and coaxes us with a persistent call to have fun. Winter can bring the season of coziness and thoughts of warm fireplaces, but autumn brings wonderful relief from the heat of summer and throws color back into our world.

Autumn decorates nature with enriched shades of scarlet, gold, and yellow. It conveys freshness and the replenishment of spirit. Strength is renewed and the winter doesn’t look so intimidating. The coolness in the air brings a bounce to the step and supplies the innate urge to explore and seek out changes in nature. Autumn’s harvest beckons us to store up good things for the winter months to come, so we can make it through the tough times without losing our stride. Without autumn painting a colorful change along the horizon, we would leave the warmth and sunlight of summer, and step into the harsh reality of winter’s bleak canvas.

Can we compare autumn to one-fourth of our life? When moving beyond the middle years of life, a person needs renewal, a refilling of inner peace, and a promised blush of happiness. We must all face the winter, but autumn’s stage can throw back the curtains and reveal the superior rewards waiting for us. We can step out and enjoy the harvest with God’s blessing.

Where are you in your life? Have you realized that God cares about what colors your life? Perhaps, you’ve been living the spring and summer of life—living it the way you see fit. Life doesn’t last forever. Accepting God’s wash of color before life ends means seeing what he can do in your life. His presence adds depth to everything we can accomplish. God prepares renewal. His forgiveness can brush light into corners of our hearts that have been filled with darkness.

“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” Ecclesiastes 12:13 KJV

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Pictures taken in upper Michigan, the Smokies, Grayson Highlands in Virginia, Colorado, and central Florida. Can you tell which picture goes with which state? My daughter is in one of the pictures. She was doing homework at the picnic table.






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