prayer of thanks


Down to sleep 2Many things in life cause weariness, drain our productivity, or create sadness. But the death of a friend or relative can do all three. Even though most of us hate to admit it, spending time at the hospital with a loved one, staying up all night with them, and returning home to chores and phone calls can strip us of inner reserves. The ability to stand strong wavers.

During a tragic sickness in the family, schedules change, the phone demands to be answered, and life doesn’t give us a break. Some things go on as usual but without our input. We may have to step back and let others do things we usually take care of. But sometimes sadness and loneliness destroy the possiblity that we’ll ever A Flower power 1walk away unscathed.

Where do we find strength to go on?

Strength comes from the one who created us.

God blended the mind, body, and soul into a vessel that can cling to God’s will, his infinite love, and his knowledge. By talking to family and friends, we may try to explain how we feel. We wait for their human responses and long for a large patch to be put on our hearts, but God is the only one who has all the answers.

He gave us the ability to experience a full range of emotions. And each emotion has a perfect fit inside us, but when the balance is tipped, dumped into a huge pile, and shoved at us–nothing seems right. Only God can reach inside and allow us to be what he created, a unique human being. He never told us to hold in sorrow and take on the attributes of a cold statue.

1 flower power 4God lets us to be human, to experience the broad ranges of emotions and feelings he created. Yes, we feel weariness, sorrow, agony, and even joy. And along with the huge display of devastating emotions, God layered hope, joy, and peace–to conquer our pain.

Don’t rush to discover peace when bad things happen. Peace is  waiting there, but find it by following the unique needs you have as an individual.

If you want to cry, don’t let someone convince you to hide your pain. If you need to run to the woods and scream questions at God, do it. He will listen. If pouring out your heart in prayer is your desire, then take that route. There is no time limit or rule, when it comes to releasing sorrow. As long as you are willing to let him, God will nudge you into a path of peace. And much like a quiet wave pushes unforseen treasures up to a beautiful beach, God’s compassion carries us over the pain and sets us free to be a blessing to others.

Peace is a tranquil interval among the storms of life. When untroubled times lift you above the pain of the past, accept the gift with a prayer of thanks. The presentation of peace is not understood by those who have not faced heartbreak. Nothing is better than laying down to sleep without agony washing over P1090376us.

Remember, your soul is in God’s large hands and he cares.

“I will praise him from the bottom of my heart.” Psalm 35:10 NLT


~Karen Prough






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