A Time of Renewal

 Renews my StrengthA Time of Renewal

Sometimes a time of renewal can’t come fast enough.

Do you ever feel that way?

I think we all go through periods in our lives when we are stretched to the limit. Inner peace fades away and crumbles when we need it the most. And during those times, even the smallest problem grows into a monster. The shadow of that “monster” can dim the good things in our life and leave us stumbling around in confusion. We fear we have no strength to go on.

Rugged mountain trails and dangerous cliffs can be an example of rough times in our lives—events when we need strength. But even before the renewing of our spirit, the right guide can make all the difference in how we view problems. A guide brings assurance, comfort, a sense of relief, and a huge gift of renewal.

Our God knows there has to be periods of reflection and renewal in life, that’s why He gave us a day of rest.

With renewal, what we once viewed as insurmountable or too rugged to conquer can turn into a journey toward untold wonders. A steep hill becomes something to overcome, with pride and confidence, as the prize at the completion. The towering mountains of life lose their ability to terrify us. We can stand and appreciate winds of peace.

As we pray, God renews our strength in the face of the enemy. He guides us where we should go to gain the most benefit from our circumstances. He knows the way. We don’t. And by following in His step and releasing our desire to plunge through the underbrush on own trail, we bring honor to Him. We feel renewed–able to continue the journey of life and be a witness about our Guide.

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