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I bet you have but you didn’t give the feeling a real name. So think of it like this …. The most insignificant roadblocks or problems in our lives can soon grow out of proportion and literally consume us. When this happens, we sometimes withdraw from reality.

We can all relate to the old saying about taking a small hill of dirt—created by a mole removing soil from underground—and making a mountain out of it.

                                                                 Panic can set in over troubles that pop up unexpectedly.

And what is the first reaction we humans have?

We look at the worst thing that could happen. We expand the size of the predicament, add to it with laments, and it soon towers higher than we could ever climb.

The problem can resemble a bumpy-hide alligator sunning along the river where your kayak just dumped you. Within moments, the six-foot alligator grows five feet longer. His beady eyes open and stare straight at you, and his massive jaws gap wide open with anticipation. Forty-thousand, pointed teeth gleam in the sun, and you know that your puny size is no match for the monster. Your safety—the kayak—has drifted away. Any movement on your part will cause the reptile to remember that breakfast was hours ago. Your mind starts wondering if you can out swim the green ogre, because he’s heading for the mudslide on the riverbank.

What brings us back within the boundaries of reality? Is it the fact that we will soon be gator bait?

That could be it. Or maybe it’s God’s whispers and steady nudging. If we welcome God’s presence into our lives, we can lift our eyes and study the problem in a different light. God knows when troubles wait near us and eye our visible weaknesses. He knows that our supposed solid foundation is actually just a piece of plastic adrift on murky waters.

If we call on God, he helps us put things back into perspective. But we need to make the connection with Him before bad things happen. With a relationship with God, we are already on our way to safety. “I will call to you whenever trouble strikes, and you will answer me.” Psalm 86:7 NLT

God is bigger than any problem.

Oh, and back to the alligator, God fed him earlier. He’s not hungry. He’s just curious about all the splashing that occurred as you walked on water.

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~Karen Campbell Prough



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