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What type of book wrings your heart, makes it ache with the character’s dilemmas, or keeps you yearning for more words, more pages, and a lasting connection to the plot?# 25 Blg picture









Where is your favorite spot to read? Do you seek a place outside or curl up in an overstuffed chair? #14 Blog pictureDo you read while another person drives through towns you never see? Is there a book held in your hand while you stack blocks for a toddler or rock a baby?

What transports you to another day and time? Is it the description of the setting? Do the familiar events within the story entangle you and bring a flare of memories? Or do you willingly go where the author directs?

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And does that direction have to do with how well the author hides the world you live in?

Perhaps, the word that most defines the reason we reach for a book is—escape. We let go of our moments in time and drift into another season, a different circumstance, or a land far removed.

Emotions we feel, what elements of the story attract us, and the places the author takes us, are very important. One or all of these things can come into play or intermin


But what if you are also a writer? As writers, we need to succeed at pulling a reader into the story, blending a probability of truth around the fiction, and giving our readers the thrill of touching emotions, they may never experience.#12 Blog picture

A Blog postAh, but most importantcause them to forget where they stand or sit. Make them willing to run away from the familiar and experience another situation and time. Remember, a writer holds the door open to many types of worlds.

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