What chances to take



Oh, dear! Should I?

We’ve all asked ourselves this question, at one time or another. And sometimes, we agonize over the variety of answers we might receive from people we know.

Many times, the answer could lead to a life-changing situation—or verify what we don’t want to hear. Perhaps, a new job offer is possible, a surprise move to another state, or whether to let a distant relative move in with us.

No doubt, we all remember times when we pondered the outcome of tough decisions or stressed over minor ones.  The miserable feeling of being unsure can hang over our heads like ragged banners left over from some distant pep rally. And we might not feel excited about changes.

More than once in our lives, important questions will crop up. Should I continue my education? Should I think twice about moving clear across the country? Should I take the chance at a career change? Should I step out of my comfortable surroundings—and leave everything behind?

Should I?

But … even though we ask friends or family members to give us suggestions or solutions to our dilemmas, the final decision still weighs on our shoulders. And occasionally, we must shake our heads and refuse to go along with those trying their best to shove us beyond our comfort level.

This is where many of us fail. We don’t learn to say, no. Or we don’t realize we have the right to back away from pushy suggestions from people in our lives. And generally, there’s no need to take a jump into the unknown or be shoved by the opinions of others. Taking time to consider the best answer to life’s questions, is very important.

It isn’t wrong to tell someone we don’t need their help. Sometimes, the issue is a minor thing, and we can handle it. But there are times when major issues come into play. That’s when we might welcome another opinion, to help us do what is best.

In the picture accompanying this writing, two curious deer face a metal barricade. We can almost read their thoughts.

“It looks good beyond the fence. Can I make the jump? Should I? Is there better grass on the other side? What about the sloping ground beyond the metal fence? Is it too much of a drop off? Can I keep my feet under me? Will I live to tell about it? Is it safer right here? Where will a new path lead me?”

Does the uncertain, questioning stance of the deer seem somewhat familiar?

We all need to allow ourselves the right to seek peace of mind, by asking people we trust to give us an honest opinion. But in the end, we should respect our own feelings and intuitions. Who knows us better than anyone else? Only one other person.

Trust God.

We all want peace of mind. It comes through prayer and honoring God’s direction in our lives. Only when we toss our burdens toward God can we have peace over one of the biggest questions we face over and over in life … should I?

~Karen Campbell Prough

Copyright (c) Karen Campbell Prough 2017

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